Amazing First Day in Phuket

Thank god the weather forecast was wrong!

I woke up from a deep sleep to Sophie throwing a pillow at me and opening up the curtains to a bright sun shining in our room. As soon as I saw the light, I literally jumped out of bed and ran to the window! Everything was blue and green and completely gorgeous. We had expected thundering and lightening all day per the weather forecast.

Since we didn’t know how long the sun would be out, we had to take advantage of every single moment! Thus, we ran to the pool, where we were welcomed with even better views. The hotel has an infinity pool with the ocean in the background. Of course, we had a photo shoot and took a million photos of ourselves with the amazing backdrop. Who wouldn’t? And apparently we were looking so good while taking the photos that two Chinese tourists asked to take a photo with each of us (:

We spent the day soaking in the sun, lounging around the pool, checking out the beach, and sipping on smoothies at a local cafe. Although uneventful, today was the perfect start to paradise and the rest of the trip. Who knows what tomorrow will bring us…

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