The Adventure begins…sorta

After two days of flying, I am FINALLY in Thailand. The flights were not bad, and surprisingly, I was able to sleep a lot on the ride over from Boston to Zurich. Usually, I wake up every other hour or so, but nope, this time I was completely passed out from the second hour until we landed. My friend, Sophie, and I then had a 7 hour layover, and spent most of the time catching up. We have known each other since we were babies! Our parents met through a mutual speech therapist, as we are both deaf and have cochlear implants. I’m so excited that we are embarking on this adventure together…just hoping we don’t kill each other! 😉

We also walked around the airport and found an amazing outdoor observation deck! So we went out and enjoyed some fresh air. I guess now you can say, we have officially visited Switzerland (:

We boarded our second flight shortly after, which was about 10 hours long. I literally could not sleep on that flight. Stuck between two people in the middle row, my legs kept aching and I could only doze off for 20 minutes at a time. I watched the “Time to Destination” on the television screen get smaller and smaller for the longest time.

When we finally landed in Bangkok, Sophie and I were both emotionally excited but physically exhausted. We had no issues going through customs, which surprisingly did not take a long time, and arrived at our hostel via taxi, around 1pm. Our hostel was amazing; it was clean, safe, and had friendly staff! Also, the beds were so cool! We shared a double bed inside a dormitory style room, and it was like we had our own little fort! The hostel also has a mini rooftop bar, where we could enjoy drinks and views.

You would think that once we got to Bangkok, we would be dying to get out and explore the city. However, as soon as we laid in the hostel bed for a second, we both completely crashed. Thirty minute nap we said. Nope, we woke up later and it was 7pm. Oops. Clearly, we were exhausted and we still had to get our backpacks ready for our week long trip to the Thai Islands! We had another flight the next day to Phuket. By the time we got our things ready, it was like 9.30pm and apparently everything closes at 9 or 10pm here?! Luckily, we found a restaurant down the street that was open until 11pm!

Long story short, it is now 11.30pm, Thursday, May 24th, 2018, and I am finally in Phuket, Thailand! The weather forecast isn’t looking good, which is to be expected since it’s rainy season here. However, we will be here for the next four days, and then we will head over to Koh Phi Phi for three days. Tomorrow, Sophie and I are hoping to check out the Old Town and Market!

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