Life Update

Wow, has it really been over a year since I last blogged? Time is flying by, especially my college years! I am now in my second semester of Junior year, and I still have no concrete idea of what I want to do with my life. Between now and October 2015, which was when I last posted, I have switched majors, joined a co-ed professional business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, and studied abroad in London.

Initially, I was a Film and Television major, but after realizing that I could not quite picture what I wanted to do with my future, I decided to switch to business because I felt it would give me more options for potential career paths. Don’t worry, I do enjoy my business courses very much, otherwise I would be majoring in something else, trust me. Anyway, I am now pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance (and possibly Law). Right now, I am still hoping to work in the Entertainment industry and work my way towards becoming a film producer.

I am also looking for a summer internship and enjoying my winter break, after completing one of the most intense and stressful semesters of college. During their Junior year, every BU business student is required to complete CORE, a rigorous semester-long program. CORE requires students to work with approximately eight other classmates and develop a completely new product or service. While it was daunting at first, I ended up with a group of motivated, ambitious classmates. We had several meetings over the semester to discuss, plan, and execute our 150-page business plan that was to be concluded with a formal presentation during the last week of classes. I admit, it was very difficult at first, considering I was overwhelmed with the academic portion, and then having to deal with the chaos of trying to come up with five new product ideas within a short time frame. Looking back, I realize that, in the midst of the chaos, I should have a made it a point to address my deafness early on, and ensure that my teammates knew I could not pick up everything.

However, I’m pretty sure everyone knew I was deaf because one of my professors hilariously introduced me on the first day of classes as, “This is Alanna and she has some hearing issues.” I laughed because everyone must have thought I was incapable of speaking, and it was also very blunt, which I find very amusing. I did have a CART provider next to me, after all. Oh, and one of my professors asked me if I knew how to drive. Hmm…I don’t think stop signs talk??? I don’t harbor any negative feelings about this whatsoever, it is so funny whenever I get asked ridiculous questions.

I’m excited for the New Year, finishing up college, and embarking on even more adventures!



Check out some photos from my time in London:




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