Sharing Experiences with NEU Audiology Students

Last Wednesday, I had the amazing opportunity to share my experience with cochlear implants with a Northeastern University graduate audiology class. One of my friends, Nicole Pendleton, had reached out to deaf CI-user friends on Facebook asking for volunteers willing to share their personal stories to a bunch of students studying to become audiologists. Jessica … More Sharing Experiences with NEU Audiology Students

Personal Narrative

****I recently did a personal narrative for one of my classes about my journey getting a second cochlear implant. I know I did an earlier blog about it, but this one is much less technical and to the point. It really tells the story from a more emotional perspective.**** Nonstop Pain: A Rapid Descent to … More Personal Narrative

The Beauty of Small Theaters: My Experience Seeing A Month in the Country

When I first heard that Taylor Schilling would be starring in the off Broadway play, A Month in the Country, I thought, “Oh my god. I have to see it. It’s in New York City. Four hours away from me. And they’re playing shows during my winter break! Perfect.” I became a huge fan of … More The Beauty of Small Theaters: My Experience Seeing A Month in the Country

Identity Crisis

If I’m going to be very honest with you guys, I will admit that growing up, I was very naïve about my deafness. I always thought it was a temporary “thing” that would suddenly disappear when I head off to college. Whenever I thought about my future, I never thought about my deafness, or how … More Identity Crisis

So, How Deaf Am I?

Explaining the Terminology Often times, I will say something in reference to my deafness, like “oh, my batteries are dead” or “my processors are a pain in the ass when I try to put my hair up”. But, people will react with sheer confusion, just as you probably are as you read this. You might … More So, How Deaf Am I?